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How to configure email account

How to configure email account.


Warid Launched its Poocho Sab Kuch Service

Warid Telecom has launched another exciting offer “Warid Poocho Sab Kuch”.

The Poocho Sab Kuch service is a search and answering engine, which works over SMS. Service is yet another industry first by Warid Telecom.

Poocho Sab Kuch is an SMS-based interactive menu-driven service that allows subscribers to ask any query and receive answers, e.g. searching from or

The process flow is simple, where the user can interact with the application by sending SMS. For instance, the user just can just send his query in plain English as SMS to the short code on which this service is integrated, and he/she will get the answer instantly as SMS. The user will be charged for every query he sends.


  • SMS Shortcode: 5544
  • Send your query to 5544 and get the information


  • Rs. 0.80+tax / SMS

Get Ufone Golden Numbers for Free [Postpaid Only]

Ufone is giving away golden numbers, i.e. premier, easy to remember mobile numbers, to customers without any additional charge. Now customers can select from over 5,000 golden numbers and buy them without paying any extra fee for these special numbers.

Here are few interesting numbers that you can buy:

  • 923343508888
  • 923324304444
  • 923323697777
  • 923323687777

However, all numbers bought under this promotion will have to be on postpaid plans. And you won’t be able to convert these special numbers to prepaid for next 12 months.

Again, there’s no extra charge on the special number. But SIM Price, Advanced line rent and security deposit against your postpaid plans will be charged as per standard charges.

If you are ready then go ahead and click on this URL:

Terms & Conditions:

  • User cannot change the ownership of the number till 12 months from the date of activation
  • User cannot disown the number till 12 months from the date of activation
  • Migration and port-out would not be allowed from these connections for 12 months
  • In case of migration or port-out, customer would have to pay the full-price of the special number
  • Number will only be provisioned on sale of Rs U249 and above line rent
  • No special charges apply to any number on this offer; Sim price, Advanced line rent, security deposit to be charged as per standard charges
  • Booked number will have to be collected within 5 days of booking from any Ufone Service Center or Franchise, failing which booking will be cancelled
  • While purchasing the SIM, showing original Valid CNIC is mandatory
  • Purchase price and taxes will have to be paid by the customer
  • This offer is for all Ufone Postpay customers only.
  • If a special number under this offer is purchased from any Ufone Service Center or Franchise as prepaid type, number will be automatically be converted to postpaid type on U249 line rent
  • Booking of number depends on the availability of stock
  • Users can convert to lower line rent package from U249 after expiry of 6 months from date of activation.
  • Number cannot be converted to prepaid until expiry of 12 month from date of activation
  • No charges apply to finding/booking number on the website
  • Users can reserve only two (2) number per CNIC
  • Customers of other networks can also visit our website to book number

Mobilink Upgrades Sports Facility at National Press Club

Mobilink has upgraded the sports facilities at the National Press Club (NPC) Islamabad, providing various indoor sports equipment for the benefit of the club’s patrons.

The upgrade of the facility is part of Mobilink’s on-going initiative to support and develop press clubs across Pakistan as a means of facilitating the workings of the media fraternity.

Mobilink has supported the National Press Club by adding on a number of indoor and outdoor facilities including Snooker, Carom, Foosball, Table Tennis, and Badminton. The initiative aims at providing the media fraternity of Islamabad with a means of recreation and healthy stress relief. Mobilink remains a strong advocate of a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

Ban on YouTube to Stay: LHC

Lahore High Court has turned down a request to temporarily open YouTube in Pakistan.

While hearing a petition filed for re-opening of YouTube, the court asked the Ministry of Information Technology to tell on July 25 to how to block access to specific URLs, which are blasphemous in nature.

The video-sharing website has been blocked in Pakistan since September 17th 2012 following protests about a 14-minute trailer of the film Innocence of Muslims.

Then prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf had ordered the ban after YouTube denied to block the access of movie to Pakistani audience at the Pakistani government’s request.

Bytes For All, an NGO, moved the court in January seeking lifting of the ban.

During yesterday’s hearing, the petitioner’s counsel told the court that instead of blocking access to the entire website, only the objectionable material could be blocked.

A representatives of the information ministry informed that it was a sensitive issue and the website cannot be reopened which could cause unrest in the whole country. A deputy attorney general had also informed that the federal government was willing to lift the ban but blasphemous material was still available on the website. He said that the government had decided to continue the ban after Google administration refused to remove the blasphemous material.

A representative of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) informed that the authority would be able within the next four months to censor controversial and undesired stuff from websites as China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and U.A.E were doing.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah remarked that he was not an expert on the matter and asked the Ministry to form a committee and invite suggestions from the public on how to block access to specific material.

Windows 8 is Now the 3rd Most-Used PC OS

Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 has finally overtaken Windows Vista to get a place on the podium of all PC operating systems. The new OS edged out Vista to get 5.10 percent of user share.

According to this new report by Net Applications, Windows 7 still stands tall at 44.37%, even though its user share has dropped a bit from 44.85%. XP remains there at the number 2 spot with a market share of 37.17%, down from 37.74% while Vista actually saw its share increase from 4.51% to 4.62%. Still, it just couldn’t cling to its third place.

On the upside, the growth of Windows 8 has caught traction, even if quite slightly. We’ve also seen several new Windows 8 running devices get launched, either it be traditional laptops or new convertibles, boasting the new Haswell processor. All this should be good for the operating system which has been yearning for the sight of good news since its launch.

Apple’s Macintosh-based systems, meanwhile, altogether stand at 7.2% which wasn’t unexpected given their price range and targeted audience. Windows-based systems, altogether, run on 91.51% PCs on the globe and are definitely not in a position to be dethroned of the place anytime soon.

Ufone Employees to Participate in GSMA mHealth Grand Tour 2013

Ufone has announced its participation in the first GSMA mHealth Grand Tour for diabetes awareness ( ), initiated by the Etisalat Group – a first of its kind activity in the health sector being staged at an international platform.

A total of eight staff members including the Ufone team, officials of the Group and members from various OpCos will be selected to participate in a once in a lifetime, 2,100km, four-country European expedition cycling from Brussels to Barcelona.

Two participants from Ufone have been shortlisted to be sent to Abu Dhabi for further fitness tests – if chosen, one of them becomes part of the team of 8 to compete in Brussels.

The tour will take place between September 5-18, 2013 and each participant will ride for three days from Brussels through Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, France, Northern Spain on to Barcelona.

Syed Zulfiqar Ali Zaidi, GM Human Resources Ufone said that “employee engagement through social activities has always been of a matter of pride for Ufone. Etisalat’s participation in the GSMA mHealth awareness cycling tour 2013 provided our employees with yet another exciting chance of becoming part of a worthwhile cause and at the same time feel part of a bigger Etisalat Global Community.”

Ufone believes employees are at the heart of its entire operations. Therefore, we believe in our employees taking part in CSR / social activities etc. More than 60 employees applied for this health initiative, which was well beyond expectations of the management. This is a reflection of the existing passion of our Ufone staffers to participate in CSR activities for health awareness and society building program, he added

Pakistan ranks amongst countries with the highest prevalence of diabetes, with Sudan and several Sub-Saharan African countries also suffering from this disease.

Shahnawaz Khan, a participant and Ufone staff member said, “I feel immensely privileged to be shortlisted for GSMA mHealth Grand Tour. It’s a great honor to represent Ufone and I will strive to do my best to get selected. I believe it’s an excellent initiative and Etisalat as well as other participating mobile operators deserve appreciation. I am really excited and looking forward to this journey to become part of the fight against the menace of diabetes.”

Raza Aijaz Akram, another participant and Ufone official said: “Opportunities like these are rare… I’ve been an adventurous person throughout my life and love taking challenges, as they say the only way to do great work is to love what you do. Ufone has proved once again that it is focused towards employee engagement and development even at an international level event. Being a part of this cause means a lot to me. It is a matter of great pride for me to represent Ufone and my country; I would endeavor to give my very best InshAllah.”

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