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Warid Launched its Poocho Sab Kuch Service

Warid Telecom has launched another exciting offer “Warid Poocho Sab Kuch”.

The Poocho Sab Kuch service is a search and answering engine, which works over SMS. Service is yet another industry first by Warid Telecom.

Poocho Sab Kuch is an SMS-based interactive menu-driven service that allows subscribers to ask any query and receive answers, e.g. searching from or

The process flow is simple, where the user can interact with the application by sending SMS. For instance, the user just can just send his query in plain English as SMS to the short code on which this service is integrated, and he/she will get the answer instantly as SMS. The user will be charged for every query he sends.


  • SMS Shortcode: 5544
  • Send your query to 5544 and get the information


  • Rs. 0.80+tax / SMS

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