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PTCL EVO Wingle – Best Internet Modem For Frequent Travelers & People On The Move

There are various internet service providers in Pakistan. These ISPs offer a wide variety of services including DSL internet connectivity as well as pocket modems. However, in case you are in Pakistan and you want maximum connectivity while you are on the go, then PTCL pocket modems and 3G dongles are your best options. Although other ISPs such as WiTribe, Wateen and WorldCall are also providing such modems, but their connectivity capacity is limited and their availability is restricted to a few metropolis of the country.

Contrary to these providers and their internet modems, PTCL EVO Wingle helps you connect to the internet in more than 200 cities, towns and villages throughout Pakistan. The modem offers 9.3 MBPs connectivity in nitro-enabled 200+ geographic locations and auto switches to 3.1 MBPs connectivity in 250 non-nitro coverage areas.


In case you need to connect internet on more than one devices, for instance on your laptop, smartphone and tablet, simultaneously, then PTCL EVO Wingle might be your internet connection modem of choice. The PTCL EVO Wingle is Pakistan’s first ever 3G internet modem with built-in Wi-Fi / Hi-Link capability that allows 5 devices to connect simultaneously. This means that you can connect your smartphone, laptop, Wi-Fi enabled desktop and tablet to the internet simultaneously using a single EVO Wingle device.

The PTCL Evo Wingle works flawlessly with any external USB adapter. This means that you can simply use the brilliant “plug and share” feature of this modem without having to manipulate your Wi-Fi enabled gadget’s settings.

The bottom line is that there is no better alternative to EVO Wingle while you are travelling in Pakistan. You might want to test other ISPs and their modems, but they won’t be able to accompany you as soon as your leave your city or reach the out skirts.

For more details on the PTCL EVO Wingle and the packages, you can head to the following link and join the official Facebook fan page for up to date discount offers and tariff.


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