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PTCL Launches Smart TV for EVO Users

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) today announced an amazing new service with which EVO customers can sign up for Smart TV and view Live TV channels on their desktops/laptops/mobile phones via Internet.Image

With a windows or mobile app, customers can watch live TV channels via internet. A perfect solution for those who spend most of their time in front of laptop screens for studies or official work.

If you are one such person who would want to watch Live TV channels even without TVs, then you can get PTCL Smart TV Application and never miss out your favourite TV programs or a live cricket match.

Main feature includes the “Re-Run” option, with which you can re-run any past program – from last seven days – for all channels. You can select channel and time for which you want Smart TV to re-run and that’s it.

That’s not all, you can record Live TV programs on to your hard disks, or even record the “Re-Run” programs with a single click. This functionality is known as DVR- Digital video recording.

List of Channels

Smart TV Application offers following 12 Live TV channels for Now:

  1. ARY Digital
  2. ARY News
  3. ARY Zauq
  4. Cartoon Network
  5. CNN
  6. Geo Entertainment
  7. Geo News
  8. HBO
  9. Hum TV
  10. National Geographic
  11. PTV Home
  12. Ten Sports
  13. Smart Products (PTCL Promotions)

Video Quality

When tested, PTCL Smart TV Application seemed seamless. Streaming was smooth and Quality was fine. Streaming runs on standard definition with 512 k bits per second.

It is likely that video stream won’t buffer with standard Evo connection with or over 80-90 Kpbs download speed. Anything below 50-60 kbps can cause issues in video stream as it may buffer a lot.

How to Avail PTCL Smart TV Application?

Currently PTCL Smart TV Application is available to EVO customers only. All EVO customers can sign-up by dialing 1236 (and share your active EVO number) to avail PTCL Smart TV Application. PTCL says that username and password will be sent out to customers via email.

Customers can download PTCL Smart TV Application by clicking this link.

After successful installation, simply enter your user-name/password — provided by PTCL — and start watching Live TV.

If sources are to be believed then PTCL Smart TV app will be offered to broadband customers too in future. However, currently only EVO customers are eligible for the service.

Once subscribed to PTCL Smart TV with EVO, customers can view Live TV channels using Smart TV app on their broadband connections as well. However, two simultaneous connections with same user-name/password isn’t possible.

PTCL Smart TV Application Charges:

The service monthly subscription charges are Rs 50/ Month.

With Rs. 50 per month and 12 channels — with more to be added soon — PTCL Smart TV Application seems to be a nice service. We hope that service will be offered to broadband customers as well, at same monthly charges.


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