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PTCL Broadband Economy Package

After having numerous broadband packages, PTCL has introduced Broadband Economy Package for internet surfers. It’s the first ever package which offers 1Mbps speed with a monthly limit of 10 GB download or upload only at Rs.499.

Seemingly, the most affordable and fastest, Broadband Economy Package, designed keeping in view the need of students and young professionals to avail uninterrupted and fast internet services for their interests without any additional charges.

It is the best fit for the consumers with limited internet activity but definitely, it will allow customers to use extra bandwidth after exceeding10 GB at Rs. 100 per additional GB.

While, after reaching at 20 GB, the package will become unlimited and for the internet surfers who wish to downgrade from Standard 1Mbps, the above package will be charged a onetime fee of Rs1, 500.

However, this package comes with Freedom package only which will cost R.250 extra with unlimited free calls, nationwide.


Here are Broadband Economy Package Details:

You can download up to 10 GBs in the Package Price

After exceeding 10 GBs limit, Rs. 100 will be charged for per GB.

Total DSL charges involves Rs. 1500, which means after using 20 GBs the package will become unlimited.

For switching to this package by Student and Regular packages, downgrade charges would be Rs. 1,500.

All other charges will be charged as per existing policy.

This Package will be available with PSTN Freedom Package (Rs. 250) for new customers and existing customers can also avail Freedom Package with Broadband Economy Package.

So far, this is the benchmark set by PTCL by introducing one of its best economical packages. The users, who cannot afford Regular broadband package having limited internet usages, can avail this cost effective package and enjoy streaming very well.

Let’s go through the broadband packages for 1 Mbps speed offered by different broadband companies:


Broadband Company Speed Volume Cost
PTCL 1  Mbps  10 GB 499 Rupees
Wi-tribe 1 Mbps 8 GB 950 Rupees
Qubee 1 Mbps 10 GB 900 Rupees
Wateen 1 Mbps 10 GB 900 Rupees
Mobilink infinity 1 Mbps 7 GB 800 Rupees





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