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Pakistan Crosses 8 Million Facebook Users

With the end of 2012, Pakistan made an evident increase in social media stream. According to statistics revealed by Social Bakers, users of social networking website, Facebook, in Pakistan have crossed the eight million mark with the presence of 8,008,720 users at Facebook from Pakistan.

Number of Facebook users in Pakistan grew by more than 1 million in last 6 months and this steady increase in users has put Pakistan at 28th place in the ranking of countries that use Facebook.

According to statistics by Social Bakers, United States held the First position with more than 160 million Facebook users, followed by Brazil and India with more than 63 million and 62 million users respectively.

Users’ Age group

clip image002 Pakistan Crosses 8 Million Facebook Users

The statistics revealed that the age group with the highest number of Facebook users in Pakistan (3,990,800) lies in the age bracket of 18-24 and the second largest group in the age of 25-35.

Male/Female users’ ratio:

clip image004 Pakistan Crosses 8 Million Facebook Users

As per stats, around 70% Facebook users are male, while 30% are female in Pakistan


Likewise the Facebook, the number of LinkedIn users have also seen steady growth. The number of LinkedIn users in Pakistan has reached 1,472,143 making Pakistan stand at rank 10 among all countries that use LinkedIn, as revealed by Social Bakers.

Via Express Tribune


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