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Kwick Solutions Announces Availability of New SIM Mobile Applications

Kwick High Tech and Solutions, the only manufacturer of SIMs in Pakistan, has announced the availability of new and dynamic SIM applications that operators can offer their customers to enhance customers’ loyalty and ARPUs.

Kwick said that these applications can be embedded into SIMs that customers can load in their phones to start using them seamlessly.

Here is the list of apps that Kwick is offering for its telecom customers:

  • Multi IMSI: More than one Number on single SIM
  • Facebook SIM application: SMS Based Facebook app
  • Extended Phone book
  • Group Text
  • Busy Call
  • Multiple Subscriptions
  • Missed Call
  • Secure SIM Storage
  • SIM Block
  • Local Notification
  • and more!

Applications can be loaded OTA, which can enable operators to react to the changing demands and requirements of its subscribers and also to implement new revenue generating concepts.

Kwick has said that they can meet custom demands from cellular operators for situations in which they may require special features in SIMs. Kwick said that it can offer full on-site training, remote management services and technical support to cellular companies.

Kwick High Tech and Solutions is the only manufacturer of GSM SIM cards in Pakistan, offering local cellular operators the ability to get locally manufactured SIM cards with global standards and at better costs.


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