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Warid Launches Glow CricStar Facebook Game

To capitalize the cricketing mania, Warid, under the banner of its Glow brand, has launched a Facebook game for its subscribers through which Warid users will be able to play tight cricketing games while staying online.Image

Glow CricStar game features 8 levels. Player can bat for 30 overs max. In each level player is given a target score to meet in limited overs. The target score and overs vary with each new level.

In levels 1 to 7, player can continue advancing through levels as long as they achieve the level target and have wickets in hand. If at any point player loses all their wickets or is unable to meet the level target, the game would finish.

Once player reaches the 8th level the game would continue until the over limit is reached or they lose all the wickets.

Glow CricStar game mechanics will always keep the last best score of the player to determine their ranking regardless the level they attained. Players with higher score will be ranked higher on the leader board. If two players scored equal then number of wickets they lost will be used as a tie-breaker. The player losing more wickets will be ranked lower than the other.

In case of equal final scores and same number of wickets lost, number of 4s and 6s hit by the respective players will determine their final ranking.

If a player quits the game before completing all the 8 levels, he/she would need to start the game from Level 1 to reach to last level (Level 8).


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