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PTCL Increased EVO Prices

A notice published on PTCL website said that unlimited package for PTCL EVO and EVO WiFi will now cost Rs. 2,100 per month for all prepaid and postpaid customers, which was earlier charged at Rs. 2,000 per month.

Notice on PTCL website reads:

PTCL Management has decided to revise the monthly charges of “EVO Unlimited Package” for its valued existing and new EVO subscribers.

PTCL EVO Offers the most fabulous packages ever including the only truly unlimited wireless broadband now at Rs.2,100 monthly

New monthly rental of Rs. 2,100 will be applicable from tomorrow, i.e. August 1st, 2012.

All other packages for PTCL EVO will remain same. You can keep reading to know the details.

Revised PTCL EVO Price Plans:


  • EVO Unlimited (Unlimited downloads): Rs. 2,100 per month (Prepaid/postpaid)
  • EVO GO (5 GB Limit): Rs. 899 per month – Rs. 0.10/Mb for additional usage
  • EVO Lite (10 GB Limit) Rs. 1,199 per month – Rs. 0.10/Mb for additional usage
  • EVO Day Pass (1 GB data limit for 24 Hour): Rs. 100 per day

Terms and Conditions:

  • Price increase of Unlimited Package is applicable to all Evo customers currently paying Rs.2, 000 monthly charges for Postpaid or Prepaid Evo Max Package.
  • Price is being increased by Rs.100 monthly to Rs. 2,100 monthly W.E.F 1st August 2012.
  • Price increase is applicable to Evo USB and Evo Wi-Fi Cloud devices.
  • Price increase will not be applicable for customers who have already paid advance line rent on promotional bundle packages of Evo USB and Evo Wi-Fi Cloud during the duration of the promotional bundle.
  • Price increase will be applicable on promotional bundle packages after expiry of the bundle duration (4th month onwards for Evo USB and 5th month onwards for Evo Wi-Fi Cloud customers).
  • All other terms & conditions will remain the same.

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