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Monday saw Microsoft coming into the tablet business directly challenging Apple’s iPad. Microsoft announced 2 tablets, in fact two versions of same tablets with variation in specifications. Surface which is a lower-end tablet and Surface Pro is said to be a higher-end tablet.

Those who had the chance to experience Windows Surface tablets in a press event yesterday are throwing positive reviews about the hardware as well as for software.

Analysts are calling these two tabs a new era in mobile computing.

Here are the specs of the both tablets:


  • Windows RT operating system
  • Weight: 676 grams
  • Nvidia Tegra ARM CPU
  • 10.6 inch display
  • Thickness: 9.3mm
  • 32/64 Gb versions
  • MicroSD card slot
  • MicroHD video
  • USB 2.0
  • 2×2 MIMO Wifi antennae
  • Battery 31.5 W-h
  • Front and rear facing HD cameras
  • Kickstand

    Surface Pro

  • Windows 8 operating system
  • Weight 903 grams
  • Intel Core i5 CPU
  • 10.6 inch display
  • Thickness: 13.5mm
  • 64/128 Gb versions
  • MicroSDXC card slot
  • USB 3.0
  • Micro DisplayPort video
  • 2×2 MIMO Wifi antennae
  • Battery 42 W-h
  • Front and rear facing HD cameras
  • Kickstand

Microsoft also announced the Touch cover and Type cover. Both are keyboards that attach to the tablet. Type cover is a 5mm thick keyboard with physical buttons and trackpad while Touch cover is a 3mm thick keyboard with no physical keys and trackpad.

Microsoft remained quite on pricing and availability but its expected this fall, sometime after tha release of Windows 8.


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