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Punjab Gets its First Center for Land Record Management Information System


Chief Minister Mian Shehbaz Sharif has inaugurated the first Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS) Service center in Lahore.

With Land Record Management and Information System (LRMIS), government of Punjab will digitize all land records of the province, due to which people will not only get rid of corrupt mafia but it will create conveniences in transfer of properties and getting ‘Fards’.

With the inauguration of At LRMIS service center, and more in pipeline in at least 11 districts of Punjab, customers will be offered to obtain fard malkiyat and other relevant documents and details of a property within 30 minutes, that too without any mishandling at the hands of Patwaris. Also, transfer of a property (with verification) can be done within 50 minutes.

The state of the art digitized land record system, already being worked at in 11 of the Punjab districts, will put an end to the vicious patwari system and the loot and plunder of the land mafia.

Reports say that the operational staff for Land Record Computerization Project is being recruited through the Punjab Public Service Commission without any role of Patwari and Tehsildars.

Inaugurating the service center, CM got details of a property verified himself from a service counter by obtaining a token, paying Rs. 50 verification fee and giving his thumb impressions 4 times.

A camera at the counter, set by default to take a snapshot of the customer, took CM’s picture too to put the verification of the property details by the CM on record.

More information on Land Record Management and Information System (LRMIS) is available here:


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