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Warid Launched New 100 MB Monthly Internet Bundle

After introducing new internet bundles last month, Warid has partially revised the offer with an addition of offering new 100 MB monthly mobile internet bundle for Rs. 99 per month.

Revision in previous bundles include 15 MB cap for daily mobile internet bundle that comes at Rs. 10 per day, which was earlier offered with 50 MB daily limit for download upload.

Following is the complete details of mobile internet bundles offered by Warid:

100 MB Mobile Internet Bucket

• Monthly Limit: 100 MB
• Price: Rs 99.99/month
• To activate, SMS 100MB to 7777

15 MB Daily Mobile Internet Bucket:

• Daily Limit: 15 Mb
• Price: Rs 10/day
• To activate, SMS 15MB to 7777.
• Validity expires at 12am daily

2 MB Bucket:

• 2 MB, i.e. 2 MB of data per day.
• For activation SMS 2MB to 7777
• Charges: Rs. 2.99 per day
• Validity expires at 12am daily

Terms & Conditions

• Charges of 7777 are Re 1+tax.
• Limited time offer


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