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Omar Manzur switch to HR Department at Mobilink

Omar Manzur, the official spokesperson of Mobilink for last 8 years, has moved on to take up charge of a newly formed division at HR department in Mobilink, we have confirmed with sources and company itself.

According to details we have got, Hussain Ali Talib is going to replace Omar to become head of Public Relation and Social Responsibility. Though it is unclear at the moment if this headship given to Hussain is permanent or ad hoc in nature.

Omar Manzur had been head of PR at Mobilink for around 8 years, also known as pioneer department for PR in telcos. Mr. Omar is known for nurturing notable number of PR professionals in the industry earning him handsome repute.

His new assignment will include talent hunt for various departments at Mobilink along with promotions and replacements of executives within the company. He will also administer employees’ trainings throughout the company.

We first heard of Omar thinking about moving out of PR few months ago, primarily for career growth and diversification in his portfolio. Omar believes that this move was necessary for moving up the ladder.

It merits mentioning here that head hunters had been in talks with Omar for Director PR slot at Telenor, which he declined over his newly assigned position.


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