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Telenor Revises its 30 Second Package

It appears that cellular companies have started pulling the plug for various popular prepaid tariff plans. No wonder the price war had hit its optimum limit.
Telenor has revised its 30 seconds package, in fact the package has been taken back and a new tariff plan with charging pulse of 1 minute will be in place from January 27th, 2012 onwards.
New package will be called Talkshawk Economy, while all existing 30 second package customers will be converted to Talkshawk Economy package.
But if you do not want your calling rates to change, dial *345*15# to stay on Telenor Talkshawk 30 Sec.
New Call Rates
• To Telenor number: Rs. 1.50 (per min)
• To other network: Rs. 1.50 (per min)
• Friends & Family Telenor-Telenor (6am-6pm): Rs. 0.90 (per min)
• Friends & Family Telenor-Telenor (6pm-6am): Rs. 1.50 (per min)
• Friends & Family Telenor-Any other Network: Rs. 1.50 (per min)
• International Call FnF Rates: Rs. 1.50 (per min)
• All rates are exclusive of taxes.


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