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Tech News First of All!- Verified Actual News Next Gen Skill Set Based Job Portal, claimed as to be the next gen Jobs Portal for the Pakistan market that aims to replace job search by intelligent job matching by enabling employers to find the best candidates out of thousands in just seconds, is going to see a launch Today.

Competing with well established job portals, is putting efforts to bring in the quality than quantity for job seekers and employers alike.

They are claiming to offer quality candidates to employers – keep reading to know how they gonna achieve this.

Usual procedure for hiring candidate(s) is done by posting a job vacancy and waiting for candidates to apply or search the database of CVs. That is a tedious process which may involve further filtering of CVs by going through each of them. is actually claiming to have re-engineered the process, making it much easier and less time consuming for both recruiters and job seekers. enables candidates to create what calls Talent Profiles (TPs) with the option of importing data from their Linkedin Profile. TPs are more structured and visual than CVs making them easier to read and easier to use for matching with jobs.

Intelligent matching algorithms then match TPs with jobs from employers, producing real time job recommendations for job seekers and candidate recommendations for employers. Hence, both job seekers and employers no longer need to search for each other.

Matching is based on 30 dimensions from both sides and they have different weights based on skill set.

In instead of buying CVs to view, recruiters can post a job for free, view profiles that match the job, but only have pay to get the contacts of those candidates they want to interview.

The portal has other useful features for recruiters to help them choose the right candidates, as each profile has a tag cloud, which are collections of keywords from users profile that help recruiters to get a better idea about the person.

Employers can, if needed tag each profile as short listed or rejected, rate applicants, comment on their profiles for internal use and job applicants can see their application status, and the probability to get the job.

So go on – build your talent profile, or post a job to experience the; also let us know of your results.


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