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PTCL extends Unlimited Offer of 256 Kbps DSL Till December 2011

It is likely that you are aware of this PTCL DSL package with speed of 256 Kbps, which was introduced earlier this year at a monthly cost of mere Rs. 299. However, it was capped at 1 GB download limit per month before Ramadan.

During Ramadan, under a special offer, PTCL offered this package at same price of Rs. 299 but with unlimited downloads till September 30th.

But it seems that PTCL has extended the offer as this 256 Kbps DSL package will remain unlimited till December 31st, 2011. While the price would remain the same, i.e. Rs. 299 per month.

So if you are a casual internet user with tiny needs, i.e. just checking emails and browsing few news websites, here’s the best deal to get from PTCL.

PTCL says that anyone (with higher DSL speeds) can downgrade to this package with one time additional charges of Rs. 1500.

Here’s the tariff:

• Speed: 256Kbps
• Monthly Charges: Rs 299
• Monthly Limit: Unlimited till December 31st, 2011
• There’s no student discount with this package


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