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Samsung Introduces Leather-Clad Refrigerator With Delvaux

Samsung Home Appliances is known for innovative and trustworthy products. Now it has once again succeeded in creating an extraordinary experience for its customers’ daily life, by launching a leather-clad refrigerator in collaboration with Delvaux.

For the first time ever, a refrigerator has been given a luxury fashion make-over. Samsung has launched this new Side by Side Refrigerator which has a luxury leather finish created by the Belgian luxury brand – Delvaux, the premium fine leather luxury goods company of the world. Delvaux was founded in 1829 in Belgium, making it the oldest company in its own distinct category.

This beautiful project was born as a result of a friendship between a Samsung employee and the head designer of Delvaux. And so the idea was born. This refrigerator was given an external makeover in Delvaux’s workshops, where a team of leather goods specialists dressed it up in finest quality leather. This complex and daring collaboration also involved Samsung’s technical people.

Samsung Pakistan’s Managing Director, Mr. Hee Chang Yee said; “Customers are struck by its beautiful design and praise it generously. The passion and skills of Delvaux artisans can be seen in the fridge’s splendid finish. Samsung describes this joint effort as – “the perfect marriage between innovation and tradition”. This concept tunes-in perfectly with the latest trends in kitchen design”.


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