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Ufone is exciting its customers on EID with SMS Offers

Ufone have retained all of its SMS bucket offers for Eid holidays as it undertakes to be the all-weather friend to its loyal customers. For subscription, simply write SUB to 603, 609, 605 & 607 for the activation of fortnightly, nightly, daily & monthly buckets respectively. These offers are available throughout the Eid Holidays. Ufone is presenting such generous offer on our happiest festival of Eid-ul-Fitr, and it further pledges not to pull back any of these packages during or after Eid Holidays. The detail of the main buckets is as follows;

Ufone has surfaced as an operator, which is presenting exactly what it is going to serve its customers. Ufone is offering one of the lowest SMS bucket packages to its SMS enthusiastic customer base. Primarily, there are a lot of SMS bucket offers by Ufone and these are retained on this Eid Holidays but the main four are categorized under Nightly, Daily, Fortnightly and Monthly validity with a very reasonable price. Moreover, there are exciting prizes available to the subscribers after a lucky draw. To subscribe to these packages you only need to visit the URL embedded hereunder;


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