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Google Plus To Roll Out Games for Users

Google is adding the ability to play games on its new social network, matching one of Facebook’s most popular features.

A new page on Google+, Google’s social network, will let users access a variety of games and view updates about games that people’s friends are playing, Google said in a post on its official                                               blog Thursday.                       

Google will initially offer 16 games from third-party game developers, including the popular Angry Birds game.

The addition of social games fills in a key piece of the puzzle as Google strives to take on Facebook, the world’s No. 1 social network with more than 750 million users.

Games have proven to be among the most popular features on Facebook

Google launched its social networking service in late June, signing more than 10 million users in the first two weeks.

Social networking has become a top priority at Google, the world’s No. 1 Internet search engine, whose position as the main gateway to online information could be at risk as people spend more time on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Google said it will roll out games gradually on Google+ and intends to make the game feature available to everyone “soon.”




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