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Hina Rabbani falls victim to fake Twitter account




According to the reporter of Daily Times: Joining the list of parody accounts is Hina Rabbani Khar, Pakistan’s elegant new Foreign Minister. After her visit to India last week, she is at the fulcrum of the world’s attention.

The ‘About Me’ section of the account (handle @foreignhina) says: I’m a bird alright. A bird that will not be caged. Today FM, tomorrow… [cue evil cackle]

And the background photo of the accounts main page is of a Black crocodile skin Birkin bag. Ms Khar’s Birkin bag was the topic of conversation for her days after her visit to India.

Her debut tweet: Namaste tweeple, the Birkin has landed. #theinevitable

When Newsweek Pakistan tweeted: “FM HRK made waves on her India tour. How do you think she fared? Answer our poll”, @foreignhina replied, “Is the sky blue?”

The parody account also Tweeted: “Uncle Mustafa’s motto? Eat, drink and remarry. #jazakallah”.

In 2008 Shah Mahmood thought he was going to be interviewed by GQ. Interview was actually by GHQ. #truestory.

Hina Rabbani Khar’s fake parody account got almost 400 followers in one day.


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