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PTCL renovates its One Stop Shops for enhanced facilitation of its customers

July 1, 2011

Karachi: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) in its endeavor to provide its valued customers quality care and support being a responsibility befitting Pakistan’s national carrier is focusing on renovating its one stop shops across the country taking the initiative from Karachi city.

PTCL gives high priority to customer care and the One Stop Shop’s were established with the goal of facilitating PTCL valued customers in every type of service related assistance such as billing adjustments, fault rectification, new service requests, duplicate bills, billing installments and payments, all under one roof in 2008.

One Stop Shops provide quality customer care and a comfortable professional atmosphere where a waiting customer is provided information on the variety of services and wide range of promotions that can actually help customers choose what best fits their needs. Presently there are 24 one stop shops inKarachicatering the needs of the valued PTCL customers.

Mr. Abdulla Yousef Abdulla Senior Executive Vice President Business South while inaugurating the newly renovated One Stop Shop in SITE Exchange and Karachi Airport Exchange stated, “The objective of the renovation is to delight customers with convenience and rapid resolution of all service related issues. PTCL is heavily investing not only in new innovative service offerings but also in quality customer care and convenience. I would encourage everyone to avail the services offered by our One Stop Shops and witness quality customer care.”



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