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Warid International Roaming Reaches More Destinations

Being in contact is the most important priority when you are on the go and especially when it comes to the move outside the country. International roaming was considered to be a very lavish service at one moment, though it still is, but time has brought some  significant changes.

Apart from the other sectors, Telecom industry has brought real ease for the customers due to decreasing rates every day and night.

Warid is also one of those operators who are providing wider international roaming to its customers, worldwide.

Warid has already been entertaining its customers well through in-flight roaming with Aeromobile and OnAir and to add to it, marine-time roaming gives this facility in the seas as well.

Now that Warid has managed to connect some 248 operators in 148 countries for 2G roaming followed by 163 operators in 102 countries for GPRS/Data roaming.

General Manager of Warid’s International Business and CS, Ms. Asma Khan said,

“The current roaming market scenario is very different and is consistently varying from time to time. One has to stay up to date with new products, solutions and technologies that pave way to overcoming new roaming barriers.

With regard to this, we at Warid have always been persistent in having our roamers covered with latest technologies, affordable rates and supreme quality voice routes”.


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