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Ninth Grader Requests CJ to Get P*rn Blocked

The News’ has reported that a fifteen year old school boy, after getting no response from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Ministry of Information Technology, has requested the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take necessary steps to get the p*rn websites blocked in Pakistan.

The News writes that Abdullah, a 9th grade student from Karachi, has called Chief Justice as ‘uncle’ in his letter and requested him to direct the relevant authorities to block porn materials on internet as it is being done in various Arab states.

“Internet has many advantages in itself but human beings have also added some disadvantages to it and the biggest disadvantage is “P**nography”. Uncle! it is destroying the moral values of our new generation”, wrote Abdullah to Chief Justice of Pakistan.

He further told that PTA and Ministry were helpless in resolving his issue, he wrote:

“Firstly I contacted PTA to block such websites but they referred me to Ministry of IT. Then I contacted them but they gave me no response.

Now uncle, seeing you as last hope I am contacting you to convince you to take notice of this issue and issue immediate order for blocking such websites because every passing time is adding sin in our nation’s register.

It merits mentioning here that Majority comments posted on a recent ProPakistani post opined to get the p*rn, especially the localized p*rn, blocked – immediately.

via The News


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