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Dell Mini 1012 [Laptop Preview]

Manufacturers: Dell

Class: Dell Inspiron Mini

Model: Dell iM1012-6870Bk

Price: Rs. 29,000-31,000

Speculations :

  • Processor 1.6GHz Intel Atom N450
  • Memory 1GB DDR2 SDRAM 800MHz
  • Hard drive 160GB 5,400rpm
  • Chipset Intel NM10
  • Graphics Intel GMA 3150 (integrated)
  • Operating System Windows 7 Starter
  • Dimensions (WD) 1012.6 x 7.7 inches
  • Height 0.9-1.3 inches
  • Screen size (diagonal) 1012.1 inches
  • System Weight 3.0/3.4 pounds
  • Netbook Category
  • Video VGA
  • Audio Stereo speakers, headphone/microphone jacks
  • Data 3 USB 2.0, SD card reader
  • Networking Ethernet, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi

clip image004 Dell Mini 1012 [Laptop Preview]

Gentle and friendly looks:

The design of the recent Dell mini 1012 is made to feel very user friendly. It has Gentle and Sophisticated looks and distinct in its style.

This mini netbook is designed for private as well as for business use, actually its small and delicate size allows you to take it along with you, where ever you go.

It consumes a very small place in your luggage as all mini laptops do. Those aspects which make it different and attractive are that, the keyboard tray and wrist rest have smooth texture that looks better than flat and glossy plastic, and the systems gently rounded corners give it a relaxed, consumer-friendly style.

The other mini laptops are made with many gaps between the keys which acquire a large area but Dell mini 1012 has a closely packed set of keys which sets easily on a small place. Along with the touch pad on the left and right side, the portions work as left and right click of mouse; this also contributes to the elegant looks of Dell mini 1012.

On the other side if we talk about the other end of the coin, this Dell mini 1012 is experiencing a tough time in market because of other in-expensive netbooks placed on display with them, having bigger hard drives.

If we compare Dell mini 1012 with those in-expensive net books, it is much better in style, functioning, processing etc as compared to them. That is the reason why it is not acquiring its actual position in market.

clip image006 Dell Mini 1012 [Laptop Preview]

Windows 7:

Windows 7 ultimate is the most versatile and efficient edition among all other editions of windows seven.

It provides your computer with remarkable features of games and multimedia for home use and for business capabilities it gives many more professional features.

Windows seven when in Dell mini 1012 , gives many advanced features for home premium and business uses to the user.


One of my colleague has got this Dell mini 1012 with windows 7 starter, he really had a good time with it but after 4-5 months he wanted to get rid of windows 7 from his laptop.

As he used to download heavy material from internet daily as a part of his business, he got a problem with his USB Dial up modem because of this window. We searched a lot for the easy solution but he wanted to replace it with windows Xp professional. Then somebody advised us to carry on with windows seven by upgrading its edition, he upgraded the edition to the latest windows 7 and finally got DONE with his requirements.

The Wi-Fi system in Dell mini 1012 is impressive, it catches Wi-Fi signals from really an ideal range and one enjoys this facility completely.

Another thing which didnt satisfied me and my colleague was that the working of the system of Dell mini 1012 after some specific period went really weird, CPU went a little slower so shutting the computer down or booting it up started to take little longer.

Some times opening programs was slower too. But this wasnt the fault in the system itself , the reason was the use of huge programs on the system which lessened the immunity of the system. so I advise you not to use huge programs on it or else it will lag.

Battery life:

Dell mini 1012 has a great battery life. This mini netbook is specially designed for long journeys in cars and planes. The company claimed battery life of Dell mini 1012 is approximately 3-4 hours by using continuously with continuous internet buffering but through experiments by us it lasted for two and half hours easily which is really close to the advertised timings.

Though this Dell mini 1012 with great battery timing and elegant looks is a true companion of one.

Customer Rating:


Dell Inpiron mini 1012 Underline:

This Dell Inspiron mini 1012 netbook is a stylish and elegant looking laptop with a great battery life advanced functions and lots and lots of multimedia options. It provides one to use it for business, for home premium uses , for schooling purposes and one can also use it for high quality gaming as a VGA card option is also given by this .


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