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Ufone May Launch New Number Series Starting with Zero

Ufone becomes the first operator to launch number series starting with zero digit.

We have got this info from our sources that numbers starting with zero will be available, for instance: 0333-0xxxxxx

It is not confirmed at the moment whether this series is available throughout the country or has been launched in few cities only, in initial phase at least.

Moreover, as per Ufone representative, numbers are being generated on random basis so it wipes the old concept that numbers starting with 5 are usually from Islamabad/Rawalpinid, 4 for Lahore etc.

It merits mentioning here that Ufone is already operating in the country with five codes (0331, 0332, 0333, 0334, 0336) and 0335 which is the code for landline number of Azad Kashmir.

This new idea will surely bring a huge series of new numbers, and code-conscious persons may now be able to get the numbers as per their choice of code. Like 0333 which sometimes seems hard to find, will be available now.


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