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Warid: Excellence in Cellular Customer Experience Management

Going an extra mile and aiming to do even more is Warid’s way of serving its customers. The company has set high standards of service excellence and is enjoying incredible brand reputation and exceptionally positive customer loyalty trends with a market perception of being the most reliable cellular service of Pakistan.

In terms of managing customer expectations and making their experience delightful, the company & its employees are rightly aligned and motivated to live the brand promise and ensure that exceptional services are being offered at each touch point.

When the company was launched in 2005, it gave the entire community slogans like ‘Be Heard’ and ‘We Care’. And now when the company is about to complete its 6 years of successful business operations in Pakistan there are some amazing facts coming in regard to customer life cycle trends, their loyalty and brand affiliation. Mobile phone users in Pakistan acknowledge Warid Telecom for its exceptional network quality, transparency, innovation and its excellence in customer experience management.

With the expertise and passion to transform brand promises into operational reality, today the company is serving a subscriber base of over 17 million with coverage in 550 cities across Pakistan.

The company is also having one of the largest customer service networks and distribution channels, allowing it to offer easy accessibility and exceptional customer services throughout the country. Being the trend-setter and leader in providing quality services, Warid Telecom continues to earn customer trust by setting excellence benchmarks in Pakistan Telecom industry.


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