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Is Social Media Ruining Students?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Social Media’? Few might have got the idea, but for those who are still wondering, here you are: What come to your mind when you hear the word ‘Social Networking’.

One single word, apart from the grammatical errors, The Facebook!

We are surely living in a Facebook integrated life where from the kid who hardly learns to make sentences to the other extreme who hardly are able to hear the sentences, yes the old ones, are connected. Along with Facebook, Twitter has also played it’s role. Both the platforms can  easily be termed as The Social Media, with others in the list as well but at minor level, compared to them.

Apart from the other ethical issues, Facebook, with the history of “Built for Students” and other social media are really effective for the students? The alarming question, “Is social media ruining students?”

On an open note, deeper the students venture into social networks, the greater the risks. It’s hardly a shock to learn that the more students uses Facebook, the more their grades tend to drop. At the same time, the public platform of social networks will see some personalities thrive in healthy attention, while others may become depressed or arrogant.

We are not going to decide here, whether to leave Facebook or not, but just have a slight idea on how can you manage between the studies and the facebook.

Following infographic clearly reveals how grades are shifted from one extreme to the other. Comments are welcomed, what you think about the issue.

Social Media and Students Is Social Media Ruining Students?




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