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Mobilink Introduces Call and SMS Block Service

Blocking unwanted calls and SMS is becoming common with the everyday reduction in tariff and in turn the increasing trend of SMS spamming.

Different companies were already providing these call blocking services. To add to the list, Mobilink has intrdouced call and sms block service to block any unwanted calls or SMS.

How to Subscribe?

Service can be subscribed via both SMS and IVR.

  • To subscribe via SMS, send “act ics “ to 420
  • To subscribe via IVR, dial 420 and follow the instructions

Service Charges:

  • SMS: Rs. 1 + tax per SMS
  • IVR: Currently IVR is free as per introductory offer,  After introductory offer is over Rs.2+tax per minute will be charged
  • Monthly Subscription: Rs. 14.99+tax per month

The salient feature which differentiates this service from the others is, service available for both Jazz and Indigo customers gives two options, to add numbers to the list. Black List as well as White List.

With this service, you can not only block the numbers but also use it the other way. Allow specific numbers to call or SMS while the remaining ones will remain as blocked. For this, all numbers added to White List will be able to call or send SMS to the subscribers while the others won’t, Mobilink currently allows to add upto 20 numbers in the list.

And just like others, you can add upto 20 numbers in Black List to simply block them. Not only this, you can also use Allow All and Block All options as well.

How to Activate White List or Black List:

  • To add a number in blacklist, SMS “ADD NB <03xxxxxxxxx>” to 420
  • To add a number in whitelist, SMS “ADD NW <03xxxxxxxxx>” to 420
  • To delete a number from black/white List, SMS “DEL <03xxxxxxxxx>”
  • To inquire about a number, SMS “ENQ <03xxxxxxxxx>” to 420

Block Last Caller:

  • To block the last call, SMS “LAST BLOCK” to 420

How to Unsubscribe:

  • To unsubscribe the service, SMS “DEACT ICS” to 420
  • To unsubscribe to “Call & SMS Block” service via IVR,  dial 420 and after selecting the language, opt for first option and then press 2

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