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Mobilink Jazz Offers Encyclopedia Services

Mobilink Jazz has introduced a new  service called Jazz Encyclopedia which provides a vast knowledge-base and extensive learning experiences – all on the customers’ mobile phones. So, if a question pops up in your mind, there is no need to wait till you get near a computer or open a book. Jazz Encyclopaedia can answer that for you.

Jazz encyclopedia 300x190 Mobilink Jazz Offers Encyclopedia ServicesAs per Mobilink, Jazz Encyclopedia will send the answer in 15 minutes max.

How to use?

  • Subscriber has to send an SMS containing his/her query to 8889

Service Charges:

  • Rs. 5 + tax per SMS will be charged for using the Jazz Encyclopedia application.

How it Works?

Send any query by SMS to 8889 and Jazz Encyclopedia will search its database and respond immediately with the answer. If the answer is not found in the database or the internet, then the question will be sent to specially designated Knowledge-Agents who are available 24/7. Once verified by these agents through manual search, the answer will be sent to the customer immediately. While the answer is being searched for; the user will receive an SMS, saying that the application is still processing the request.
For Example:

If the user sends an SMS to 8889, asking; “1992 ka cricket World-Cup kaun jeeta tha?

The application will instantly reply through an SMS from 8889, saying: “Dear user, we have received your request. You will receive an answer within the next 10-15 minutes. Thank you for using Jazz Encyclopedia”.

After a few minutes, another SMS containing the answer will be sent from 8889 to the user, saying: “1992 ka cricket World cup Pakistan jeeta tha. Thank you for using Jazz Encyclopedia”.


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