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Qubee Introduces Prepay Broadband in Pakistan

Qubee has introduced prepay wireless broadband, on pay-as-you-go model that will let customers to control their Internet spend.

There are four different packages with validity of 3, 7, 15 or 30 days. All packages come with limited data volume. Check details below:

Qubee Prepaid Internet packages

qubee Qubee Introduces Prepay Broadband in Pakistan

How to use:

You need to have Qubee Shuttle, to start using these packages. Once you have the shuttle, or Qubee USB Dongle, you can recharge your account with scratch cards and start surfing the internet.


  • You need to have Qubee Shuttle to start using up-mentioned packages
  • For first timers, there’s a one time activation cost of Rs. 1000 and a refundable security deposit of Rs. 1000, which you can refund by returning the device.
  • The first load of Rs. 500 is mandatory after which you’re free to load as little or as much needed.
  • These packages are capped by Volume or the Validity. Your package will expire if either of these caps are reached.
  • The remaining balance from your previous card will be carried forward on your
    next recharge.
  • Qubee Scratch Cards are available at all Qubee Stores.
  • You can’t pay for postpaid packages, or old packages through these scratch cards.
  • Old package holders can convert to prepaid packages, call helpline for details.

Official Press Release on this:

“Youngsters & Students will benefit the most from the facility of hi-speed internet at very reasonable costs which will suitably fit in their budgets as Qubee introduces True Prepay Broadband first-time ever in Pakistan”, this was stated by the chief marketing officer of Qubee Mr. Hashim Sheikh while launching Qubee’s Prepay Broadband service.

He said that Qubee maintains its domination in introducing innovations one after another as it is leading all its contemporaries from the front after inducting the 1st real Prepay Broadband service in its portfolio.

While highlighting the exclusive features of Qubee Prepay Broadband, Hashim Sheikh said the prepay package is primarily focused towards people with limited cash flows, who want to be in total control of their spending.

Qubee Prepay Broadband is providing the consumers with an exclusive advantage of balance carry over, which allows users to carry forward existing balance of their accounts that might be present upon card expiry. For example if a user is unable to use the entire stored value of their card and the scratch card expires, then the remaining value will be carried forward once the user recharges his/her account with the next card. In this way, not a single penny of the consumer will be wasted and he/she will get the full reward of his/her money-spent.

Qubee Prepay Broadband ends the trend of making long-term contracts between consumers & the service provider as the customers will only pay for what they use.


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