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Pakistan to Celebrate Sab Keh Do Day

zong thumb Pakistan to Celebrate Sab Keh Do Day

“Sab Keh Do” day to promote the importance of communication will be celebrated for the third consecutive year on April 17, 2011.

This year’s theme is to motivate those who have worked hard against all odds and difficulties, by expressing encouraging thoughts for them.

“Sub Keh Do” day is dedicated to create awareness about the significance of self-expression. In the spirit of recent world cup, this year’s “Sub Keh Do” day will focus on sending positive messages to Pakistan’s cricket team. “Sab Keh Do” day endorses the idea of building a stronger society by strengthening relationships.

Therefore, people will be encouraged to give inspirational messages for the members of Pakistan’s cricket team, who brought the whole nation together and evoked patriotic feelings in them.

Like previous years, an exclusive song for “Sub Keh Do” day will be aired on various channels.

Music maestro Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has recorded the song in his voice this year. Previously Shafqat Amanat Ali and Ali Hamza had lent their voices for “Sub Keh Do” day’s songs. These unique and catchy numbers became instant hits. In a survey conducted last year, many people described these songs as soothing and inspiring.

Ather Ul Islam, student of MBA at a local university, stated that he was quite impressed with the lyrics of all “Sub Keh Do” songs and is convinced that the latest one will also come up to everybody’s expectations. He added that “Sub Keh Do” day is a unique concept and is contributing to the overall wellbeing of our society by fortifying relationships.

The core objective of celebrating “Sub Keh Do” day is to uphold the importance of expressing oneself. Communication – verbal, written or gestured is an integral instinct of all living things. A lot of personal, professional and social disasters can be averted by maintaining clear, appropriate and unambiguous communication. “Sub Keh Do” day persuades everyone to speak their heart out in a respectful manner, which eventually contributes towards promoting peace, love and understanding in society.


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