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Dell Launches Connected Classrooms Solution

By Combining technology, products, services & software, the Dell has launched the Connected Classroom solution in Pakistan, said a company statement.

The idea behind Connected Classroom is to equip students with necessary tools to gain access to latest technology, information and the knowledge of their respective domains.

Through this program, Dell will enable technology access for primary and middle schools for the enhancement of learning environment.

The key components of the Dell’s Connected Classroom solution include:

  • the Latitude 2120 netbook designed for students,
  • the Latitude XT tablet for teachers,
  • interactive whiteboards,
  • classroom management software and video conferencing for interactive learning,
  • professional services for ease of design, deployment and support.

Growing up in the digital Age, our kids have the chance for better access to technology and information than any previous generation.

They have the entire world at their fingertips; a world they can interact with remotely, not just in words, but in moving pictures and sounds. Educators today must prepare this ‘Connected Generation’ with 21st century skills to work in an ever-changing digital world.

Today’s education experts have a clear vision on how technology can transform learning. The Dell Connected Classroom solution is a realistic blueprint for educators to attain that vision,” said Ms. Rani Burchmore, Head Education Solutions, Dell.

By integrating technology into the learning process, educators can give students the means to learn at their own pace, interact with each other, and provide them with a window to the world of knowledge in and beyond the classroom.

Educators can use technology to accommodate multiple learning styles, individualize lessons to fit specific needs of each student, and regularly assess student progress. Dell education solutions also give administrators the powerful tools they need to prepare educators for 21st century teaching, involve parents and the community in the education transformation, and to successfully integrate technology into every aspect of the learning environment.

Parents can also access tools that enable communication with teachers, frequent monitor student performance, and get involved in class projects. And technologists can do more with less, deliver the right technology at the right time, and manage infrastructure and day-to-day support more efficiently.

We are listening to educationalists, strategy makers, and IT leaders who tell us that an entire erudition ecosystem is needed in which students, teachers, and parents are connected to each other, to share information, and eventually, to the shared knowledge of the world.

Dell focal points on the desires of all stakeholders in the erudition ecosystem and designs nonstop technology solutions that facilitate make the erudition ecosystem a reality.

With the launch of the Connected Classroom, we bring a realistic blueprint that not only comprises IT infrastructure and the software and services that support it, but also rich content, specialized learning, and anytime, wherever access to a prosperity of information.” added Shahzad Khan, Country Manager, Dell AfPak


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