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Mobile Broadband Verses Fixed Line Broadband

Mobile Broadband Verses Fixed Line Broadband

By Guest Author · Wednesday, Apr 6, 2011 19 Comments

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Wireless Router thumb Mobile Broadband Verses Fixed Line BroadbandThis is a guest post by Spencer Hogg

Knowing the fact that Government of Pakistan is trying hard to introduce 3G in the country, we thought it would be a good idea to compare 3G Mobile Broadband with hardwired high speed Internet service or what you call it DSL.

So, with the assumption that you have a choice between some sort of a hardwired Internet service, DSL or cable, and mobile broadband, either 3G or 4G (after it is introduced), and also that you don’t want to take on the expense of having both, lets’ make a brief comparison of the two types of Internet connections and examine their pros and cons.

DSL offers these advantages:

  • If your computer and modem are powered on, you’re always connected. Yes, connections can be lost occasionally, but cable and DSL are very nearly bulletproof and constantly improving.
  • Download speeds are fast. Fixed line Internet connections are approaching and exceeding 10 MB in some instances, but even basic connections will give you 1-2 MB per second.
  • Costs would be lower than the 3G or 4G connections.
  • DSL and cable connections may come packaged with telephone and television services. You receive the proverbial “quantity discount” along with the convenience of needing to pay only one bill.
  • The amount of data you can access is essentially unlimited, at least for now.

The disadvantages of DSL and cable fixed line broadband are:

  • It is impossible for providers of fixed line broadband to test every operating system, brand of computer and the variations of configurations for different combinations of hardware and software. This means that sometimes it is very frustrating for someone, even someone with better than average computer skills, to establish and maintain their Internet connection. Likewise, it is sometimes problematic for even the most skilled tech support people to diagnose every possible problem.
  • The locations where the Internet can be accessed are limited to computers physically connected to the modem or within that modem’s wireless range.

3G and 4G Internet connections offer some benefits:

  • They make it easy for someone who is often in different locations to carry their Internet access with them. The USB modem’s weigh only ounces and can easily fit in the pocket, purse or briefcase.
  • They are easier to set up than fixed line. All the configuration information is automatically installed when the USB modem is plugged in and activated.
  • The need for land line telephone and cable TV service could potentially be entirely eliminated.

Disadvantages of 3G and 4G

The disadvantages of mobile broadband connections are currently considerable, but technology of this type can change so rapidly that there is every reason to expect that these will soon be gone.

  • 3G or 4G is going to be more expensive than fixed line broadband.
  • Demand currently exceeds the supply, worldwide. Providers may finding their networks and bandwidths stretched so thin that unlimited data plans would be hard to get.
  • Given, the limited data plan, it is somewhat difficult to accurately estimate your usage consistently, and exceeding your data limit can quickly get costly.

Ultimately, the decision between fixed line and mobile broadband internet connections is up to the individual. However, the key factor will remain the price for 3G or 4G.

There is currently no one-size-fits-all solution, and what suits your requirements today could change tomorrow, and changes in technology will constantly offer new options and change the game again.


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