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PSEB Has Almost Lost Its Website, For Ever!

The official website of Pakistan Software Export Board is down for three days now, with a note on it saying that site is being updated and it will be back soon.

PSEB PSEB Has Almost Lost Its Website, For Ever!

However, a source in PSEB who requested not to be named told ProPakistani that PSEB lost its website due to non-payment of its hosting bills. He further told us that PSEB is likely to lose all its data as hosting service provider has terminated the account on account of non-payment of hosting dues.

We have learned that PSEB has shifted its website to a new server for time being, however, the old data is yet to be recovered from old host, which won’t be possible unless PSEB clears its outstanding dues.

Previously PSEB was hosted with Server4Sale, however it never paid for the hosting services, told us Server4Sale representative in Pakistan. Hosting company confirmed ProPakistani that PSEB account was suspended after un-acknowledged multiple notices.

When asked from PSEB, a official denied to comment on hosting/payment issues, however, he said that website will get back online till tomorrow evening.

We have heard unofficially that PSEB may develop a new website design/content to get it back online, at earliest.

PSEB is said to be the responsible body for promoting IT industry in the country and then taking those locally developed products and services abroad to get them exported.


According to a  response left in comments area, that came from PSEB chief, it says:

While there may be mutual payment issues it is not correct that PSEB has never paid Server4Sale. You may also note that it is not as black and white as it seems. There are obligations on part of Server4Sale to pay PSEB for certain services that it rendered.

Although not a quid pro quo situation there are obligations that both parties may have to each other.

These are being looked into by both parties.


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